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Quotations on Necessity

Necessity is the mother of taking chances. -- Mark Twain 

Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible. -- St. Francis of Assisi 

Everything existing in the universe is the fruit of chance and necessity. -- Democritus 

Comes over one an absolute necessity to move. And what is more, to move in some particular direction. A double necessity then: to get on the move, and to know whither. -- D. H. Lawrence 

Necessity does everything well. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson 

We hurry through the so-called boring things in order to attend to that which we deem more important, interesting. Perhaps the final freedom will be a recognition that everything in every moment is "essential" and that nothing at all is "important." -- Helen M. Luke 

Make yourself necessary to somebody. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson 

An extravagance is something that your spirit thinks is a necessity. -- Bern Williams 

Necessity makes even the timid brave. -- Sallust 

It is surprising what a man can do when he has to, and how little most men will do when they don't have to. -- Walter Linn

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